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During the John Scharff bird festival this tour will leave Burns at 8:00 AM each day and will last for approximately 8 hours. We will travel south on highway 205 towards Frenchglen.

The first stop will be at the historic Sod House Ranch Barn near the Malheur Refuge headquarters. This is the ranch where the coroner's inquest was done on Peter French after being killed in the Wright field by Ed Oliver. This barn contains the construction techniques of all four wooden barns built in Harney County.

The second stop will be at the Long Barn at the P ranch, which was French's headquarters for his Harney County operations. We will have a restroom stop in Frenchglen on our way to the next stop.

The third stop will be at the Diamond Ranch Barn which was French's winter headquarters and the site where Pete French held off the Bannock Indians, on their raid through the area, allowing his men to get horses together and all escape to the P ranch and later on Fort Harney. This barn is normally not open to the public.

The fourth barn stop will be at the historic French Round Barn with a very unique type of architecture. This barn was used by French's buckaroos to train work horses in the winter while they were living at the Riddle Ranch in Happy Valley.

The final stop for the tour will be at our newly constructed Round Barn Visitor center, which includes a very unique gift shop and family museum. You will have time here to browse and use the public restrooms before your return trip to Burns via highway 78.

You have the option for lunch of bringing your own or purchasing lunch at the historic Diamond Hotel in their newly constructed facility called Fraser's, named after the grandfather of the hotel proprietors, who constructed the original hotel. This stop will be either between stops two and three or three and four depending on the timing along the tour route. This will also be a restroom stop.

We look forward to serving you and making your tour a very memorable experience

For more information on the John Scharff bird festival and other tours visit the Harney County Chamber of Commerce web site.

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