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Entrance to Visitor Center

A view of the entrance to the visitors center with Riddle Mountain in the back ground. Riddle Mountain is the destination of the Jenkins Family Heritage Tour. Construction of the building started April 1, 2003 and was finished November 1,2003.

Visitor Center (To See Construction Photo's click here)

The visitor center is the hub of Jenkins Historical Tours, museum, and gift shop. Tours depart from and conclude at the visitor center. The museum collection includes many heirlooms from the Jenkins family including: an antique doll collection, miniatures collection, and family heritage photographs. Begin your adventure here and enjoy the collections before or after your tour. The gift store features artwork from local artists, souvenirs, and a selection of snacks and cold drinks. There is no fee to visit the museum and it is handicap accessible .

Round Barn

The Pete French round barn is one of the stops on your tour. It was here that cattle king Pete French trained horses during the winter months. The inside of the barn is uniquely made from juniper posts and lumber that was hauled from over 60 miles from the north. The round barn was built in the late 1870's or early 1880's, the date is not certain. The barn remains much as it was in Pete French's day with some minor repairs to the outside and roof. The family donated the Pete French Round Barn to the state of Oregon in 1969.

Directions to Visitor Center

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